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Was the International Submarine Band the first country-rock band ever! This groundbreaking, Gram Parsons-led combo predates his hooking up with the Byrds and later forming the Flying Burrito Bros., so maybe it was. Much better than arguing over who came first, however, is to just roll back the rug, dim the lights and wallow in the thick smoke and loud, loud music of the ISB's electrified honky tonk. Bursting with confidence, the very young Gram Parsons lets it all hang out in his most heartfelt, George Jones-style, flipping a calling-card at the world that he's arrived!

International Submarine Band (featuring Gram Parsons), The

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International Submarine Band (featuring Gram Parsons), The - Sum Up Broke / One Day Week 7" Single - Colored Vinyl
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    Now On Gold Colored Vinyl!Back in 1966, Gram Parsons formed his first recording group, the now legendary International Submarine Band. With the ISB he wanted to realize his vision of fusing rock and roll and country music and offer the new and exciting sound to his generation. This recording features the original ISB lineup, Gram, John, Ian and Mickey. The group was getting noticed and with the guidance of managers Monte Kay and Jack Lewis they signed a record deal with Columbia."One Day...