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    Through exclusive arrangement with Curb Records, Sundazed is thrilled to announce the release of the ultimate, fuzzed-out ‘60s gems by the legendary Davie Allan & The Arrows!

    Davie Allan & The Arrows recorded the most frenzied instrumentals the world has ever heard! Allan’s fuzzed-out guitar was an audio compass pointing towards freedom, sex, danger and violence, his trashy fretboard riffs exploding behind flickering celluloid images of cycle runs, biker fights, drug freakouts and rubber-burnin’ hot rods. The myriad of Arrows’ recordings is filled with loud, loose and savage tracks, and includes the mega-hit “ Blues Theme” from the trashy Roger Corman flick, The Wild Angels.

    Allan’s recordings were originally spread out over four studio albums, a bevy of impossible-to-find singles, and more than a dozen rare soundtrack appearances from 1965-68, thus defusing his long overdue recognition.

    To restore Davie Allan to his rightful place atop the ranks of fabled guitar gunslingers, we have lovingly compiled a 40-track, double CD/28-track, double LP gatefold-edition anthology that rounds up the best of Allan’s 45s, sizzling album cuts, and many mind-splattering widescreen rarities with a full band history, interviews with Davie, producer Mike Curb, original Arrows members, plus unseen photos, original album graphics, AIP poster reproductions, and more!

    1. Apache '65
    2. Blue Guitar
    3. The Rebel (Without A Cause)
    4. Moondawg '65
    5. Dance The Freddie
    6. The Theme From The Wild Angels
    7. U.F.O.
    8. Blue's Theme
    9. Bongo Party
    10. Devil's Angels (45 version)
    11. Cody's Theme (45 version)
    12. Theme From Thunder Alley
    13. The Devil’s Rumble
    15. King Fuzz
    16. The Young World
    17. The Born Loser’s Theme
    18. Moonfire
    19. Cycle-Delic
    20. Blue Rides Again
    21. Invasion
    22. Another Cycle In Detroit
    23. Lulu's World
    24. Glory Stompers
    25. The Stompers And The Souls
    26. The Checkered Flag
    27. Hellcats
    28. Shape of Things to Come