For years, the Garage Beat ‘66 series spanned the U.S. and Canada, with each volume meticulously assembled from the original source tapes and with full participation of many of the artists. That means this stuff has never sounded so wonderful! Garage Beat ‘66 pushes its way onto the digital scene with a legion of rail-thin kids wielding obnoxiously loud guitars! The original army of teenage garage bands, the ones who made life worth living in the ‘60s and the heroic subjects of Sundazed’s long running series, has made their presence known. It’s the most far-reaching, legit, vintage garage-rock series ever, and we’ve culled from the piles of tape boxes a brief 49 track introduction to GB ‘66’s bruisingly upbeat screamers, longhaired R&B lunacy, and an unhealthy dose of some of the darkest, most disturbingly intense records from the summer of hate.

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