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    Obscure LP of spells reappears!

    Make someone love you, discourage an unwanted suitor, and more - with the power of witchcraft! Finally, this obscure LP of spells reappears! A descendant of the green witches of Scotland, part of a Detroit area coven, and author of multiple books and a newspaper column helping solve everyday problems from the Wiccan perspective, Gundella helps you test your psychic powers, make ritualistic candles, and mold wax dolls. She'll define witchcraft & magic, and teach you how to cast your own spells!Gundella's arcane instructions are accompanied by a perfectly atmospheric and esoteric soundscape created by her son. All scribed into bewitching green vinyl or CD! Both including extensive notes by Gundella's daughter! The LP features a 16 page portfolio of Witch Watch articles compiled by Gundella herself!

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    Also available on CD!

    Track Listing:

    Side A
    1. Gundella Tells You How To Cast A Spell

    Side B
    1. The Seven Knob Candle
    2. Spell To Make A Man Love You (Flower Bulb)
    3. Spell To Mane A Woman Love You (Wax Doll)
    4. Love Potion (Coriander Seed)
    5. Spell To Discourage An Unwanted Suitor (Black Rose)