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Nick Ingman has had a long career - as a composer, arranger and conductor; he has worked alongside artists such as Blur, Oasis, Radiohead, Sade, and Madonna, as well as at the BBC. Big Beat is just one nugget from his legacy, but it’s certainly a big one.

Ingman, Nick

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Ingman, Nick - Big Beat - LP
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    Beats of mammoth stature and unusual orchestration combine in a holy grail of library music! A paragon of crate digger gold for lovers of both library music, and thick grooves, Nick Ingman’s percussion- laden Big Beat stays true to its name, with beats of mammoth stature and unusual orchestration. A soundtrack in search of a film,the tracks herein add funky grooves to post-big band soundscapes, with the spotlight fixed on the big, bold drums throughout the album. Reissued for the first time,...