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  • Kennélmus - Folkstone Prism - CD - CD-MH-065

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    “If the Moody Blues had been stranded in the Sonora Desert with nothing but peyote for sustenance, this this the album they would have made.” - RECORD COLLECTOR

    Maybe it’s their proximity to all that funny-tasting cactus, but Arizona has produced more than its share of mind-bending rock combos and Kennélmus might just be the wildest of the bunch. The Chantays sand-wrestling with the Electric Prunes, refereed by Captain Beefheart almost certainly does justice to the mind-bending sound of Kennélmus.

    “This way-obscure Phoenix band released a late-period psychedelic album in 1971, that by the standards of self-released LPs of the time, was several layers above the usual such offering. The exotic dabs or melodica, zither, and special effects by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ken Walker added a cloud of eeriness; ‘I Don’t Know’ has keyboards straight off the Chantays’ surf classic ‘Pipeline,’ ‘Goodbye Pamela Ann’ has scorching psychedelic guitar that sounds like a mating of the Electric Prunes and Haight-Ashbury, and ‘Mother Of My Children’ has vocals that sound like a Lee Hazlewood parody.” - ALLMUSIC.COM

    “This album is excellent, trippy, and mind-bending, with very surfadelic guitars and strange sounds. It is obvious that a lot of thought and planning was put into its production.” - UGLY THINGS

    Also available on LP!


    I Don’t Know • Patti’s Dream • Dancing Doris • Goodbye Pamela Ann • Monologue • Black Sunshine • Think For Yourself • The Bug, The Goat, & The Hearse • Shapes Of Sleep • Cloud Of Lead • Mother Of My Children • 1001 Twice • Sylvan Shores • Bulletin!!! • The Raven