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    On colored vinyl! 1966's East-West, the second album from the Butterfield Blues Band--and their last with lead guitarist Mike Bloomfield--found the group branching out from the electric blues and adding elements of modern jazz and the music of India, most notably on the landmark title track, which paved the way for much of the musical experimentation of the late '60s. "Sundazed's East-West packs a sonic punch, revealing the scorching guitars and gritty-sounding harmonica in all their ragged...

    Something Weird - Greatest Hits - 2-CD
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      TURN ONTO TITILLATING, TANTALIZING, DITTIES FROM THE SICK, SICK SIXTIES! Take an auditory trip through a wacky world of oddball and obscure “classick” exploitation cinema soundtracks from the 1960s and early 1970s, presented by one of the most beloved genre film video companies of all time… Something Weird! Two CDs chock-full of oddities and earworms with great sets of liners and track by track factoids! Something Weird Video was founded in 1990 by Mike Vraney in Seattle, Washington. He was...

      Sun Ra - Crystal Spears - CD
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        SOLAR GUIDED IMPROVISATIONS OF UNBRIDLED CACOPHONY! Recorded in ’73 and rejected by tin-eared major label execs in ’75, Crystal Spears (or “Crystal Clear” as it appears on the tape box) subsumes a cathartic brawl between Minimoog and Yamaha combo organ, with percussionists providing tonal textures, and plaintive oboe colliding with roaring electronic keyboards over waves of rollicking marimba, devilishly chattering below the fray. Crystal Spears is Ra’s once lost aural cinematheque! Crystal...