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    Released in February 1966, Roll Out the Red Carpet arrived in the midst of a flurry of Buck Owens hit singles. It is all the more unusual, then, that none of the selections on this album would chart. Even more unusual, the title track was not even released as a single. However, the lack of chart action is in no way a comment on the album's quality. Yet again, Buck and his Buckaroos serve up a superior mix of tracks: some upbeat, some ballads but all expertly sung and played. Guitar fans will want to take special note of Don Rich's twangy Telecaster licks on the charging "Hanging On to What I Got." Don is also featured on the title instrument in "Cajun Fiddle." Elsewhere, Buck is featured on the humorous "We Split the Blanket" and the plaintive ballad "Cinderella." And don't miss steel guitarist Tom Brumley's rip-roaring performance on the instrumental "Tom Cattin'"! With an album this strong, who needs hit singles?

    Also available as a digital download on iTunes.