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    The new, down-home, from-the-heart imprint: SUNDAZED RFD!

    - 7" VINYL!
    - GOLD WAX!

    Featuring Bob Irwin and Eddie Angel!

    Astounding, you-are-there recreations of the shimmering, sparkling sounds of the Shadows, Ventures, and other early string sensations! The first single by the East Nashville Teens'a collaboration of Bob Irwin and the Pluto Walkers with founding Los Straitjackets members Eddie Angel and Jimmy Lester--The Lonely Bull/Bullseye! is the explosion of creativity as generated by five 45 rpm-obsessed musicians! Featuring Irwin and Angel on lead guitars and supported by Lester, Ed Wasilewski and Chris Fisher, an all-star rhythm section suited to bring the true sound of a golden era of recording and performing back to life, both sides are charging trips into a world where stinging melody is the thing, and tube tone is the king!

    If you've ever been playing your vintage favorites and asked yourself, "Why can't people make records like this anymore?"--here's the answer, they can, and do! Recorded with vintage equipment and mixing techniques (and mixed to mono!) "The Lonely Bull" and "Bullseye" comes in a gorgeous, mid '60s-looking sleeve that'll be right at home with your Exotic Guitars records. Join the East Nashville Teens on their reverb-fueled journey today!


    The Lonely Bull • Bullseye!

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