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    Limited Edition of 1000 Numbered Copies!

    Alexander "Skip" Spence
    Previously unissued demo recordings

    This limited edition 10" vinyl single comes packaged in a numbered sleeve with liner notes by Rolling Stone's David Fricke, an artist bio, and rare photo inserts.

    For most of his life, Alexander Lee "Skip" Spence was better known for blowing his mind than for everything that was in it and came out, in a rush of rock & roll technicolor, from 1966 to 1969. His prime-time legacy as a singer, guitarist and songwriter is small but precious: a handful of jewels recorded by his first major band, Jefferson Airplane; two albums of sterling rock, haunted-mind ballads and deliciously looney tunes with the equally star-crossed Moby Grape; his harrowing all-solo farewell, Oar.

    That makes the discovery and release of these demos, recorded in New York in 1968 during the run-up to the Grape's second album, Wow, a delightful shock. They are a double shot of the pure, gifted Spence, minus the complex vocal and triple-guitar energies of the Grape and before his psychotic collapse during the Wow sessions and subsequent lifelong battle with schizophrenia. "Skippy was always 'high' on this other level," his Grapemate, singer-guitarist Peter Lewis, once said. "His mind was always churning over with stuff." With his addicting enthusiasm, Lewis added, Spence was "always able to get people going on his trip."

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    Side 1:
    After Gene Autry

    Side 2:
    Motorcycle Irene