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Sun Ra 10" Bundle
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    Get all three Sun Ra 10" EPs for a special price!

    Sun Ra - Rocket Number Nine:
    Among Sun Ra's most famous and jet-propelled anthems, "Rocket Number Nine" is heard here in one of the earliest renditions from a marathon June 1960 session, with a staggering, swaggering, hip-bop beat. Ignition. Paired with originally unknown recordings, including the driving, bossa nova-infused "Ankhnation" from 1959 and "Project Black Mass" from 1962. Romping, rumbling low tones, glittering, twinkling stars, wanderful wondering. On green vinyl!!

    Sun Ra - Lady With The Golden Stockings:
    "The Lady With The Golden Stockings" is a propulsive, forthright groove - a decisive, deep-space, pre-dawn party jam, emitting golden sparks from the black hole center which begat "Africa" and "Watusa." Pure poetry in sublime, delicate, rhythmelodic motion becomes "Spontaneous Simplicity," a centerpiece among the gently blissful, tender works in the Sun Ra canon. The title "Love in Outer Space" first appeared in 1962 on the Saturn album Secrets of the Sun. Utopian yearnings of space commune Sun Children, escape velocity. On gold vinyl!!

    Sun Ra - Nuclear War:
    "Nuclear War," Sun Ra's groove-infested x-rated warning, was an early 80s underground hit when it appeared on a 12-inch (plus the Saturn album A Fireside Chat With Lucifer). "Outer Reach Intense Energy" and "Twilight" are originally unreleased works, sonically extending the radioactive theme. On red vinyl!!

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