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    Spoken Message From Ira • It’s All Off • Take My Ring From Your Finger • I’ll Never Go Back (To The Ways Of Sin) • Are You Missing Me? • Coo, Coo, Coo • Streamline Heartbreaker • I’m Changing The Words To My Love Song • Red Hen Boogie • Unpucker • Television Set • Discontented Cowboy • Two-Faced Heart • Don’t Compare The Future With The Past • That’s My Heart Talking • I’m Gonna Love You One More Time • Preach The Gospel • Born Again • They’ve Got The Church Outnumbered • The Sons And Daughters Of God • Insured Beyond The Grave • You’ll Meet Him In The Clouds • I Love God’s Way Of Living • Love And Wealth • Bald Knob, Arkansas • Measured Love • Kiss Me Like You Did Yesterday • Would You Tear Down Your Castle • You’ll Forget • Never Say Goodbye

    Also available on double CD!