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    Modern psych drones and interviews with alien abductees!

    What do you get when you pair a 1966 album of a man interviewing survivors of alien abductions with new music from the likes of modern psych beacons Kikagku Moyo, Heron Oblivion, Al Lover, Mugstar, Earthen Sea, Demian Castellanos, Holy Mountain Top Removers, Jeffrey Alexander, Terceiro Olho de Marte, and White Manna? ...not sure but you're about to find out!


    Earthen Sea - Night Walk • Jeffrey Alexander - Floating Lights, Astral Traveler, Closed Eye Vision • Mugstar - Granite Trees, Drones On Drones • Kikagaku Moyo - Uwanosora • Heron Oblivion - Pedals Fell In Bayview • Demian Castellanos - Overtone Sequence (Feedback Mix), Holographic • Holy Mountain Top Removers - Diatribe Convoy • Terceiro Olho de Marte - Pala • Al Lover - Dualism Disrupted • White Manna - In The Hoosegow

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