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    Recorded live in '71, The Youngbloods' Ride The Wind finds Jesse Colin Young?s mesmerizing guitar and vocals shadowed perfectly by jazzy electric piano and percussion. Young (bass/kazoo/rhythm guitar), Banana (guitar/piano), and Joe Bauer (drums) hit their stride on a half dozen anthemic tracks that sprawl to nearly 40 minutes of superbly unique country-rock. Ride The Wind showcases the band's improvisational chops in the same way their fellow Marin County contemporaries the Grateful Dead did with their live sets. Their top-notch interplay is showcased in the title track as they expand it from Elephant Mountain's version to a nearly 10 minute opus showcasing Banana's wizardry on the electric piano. Equally stunning is their take on Fred Neil's "The Dolphin" which they transform into an 8 minute must hear. From the harder edge of "Rock Festival" to a sparse and chilling rendition of their Top 40 charter "Get Together," The Youngbloods expand their sound and your minds while staying true to their unmatched style.

    Track listing:

    1. Ride The Wind
    2. Sugar Babe
    3. Sunlight
    4. The Dolphin
    5. Get Together
    6. Beautiful